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  • Sale -25%Last stock! Neff B57CR22N0B

    Neff Neff B57CR22N0B

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    1 Only Display Model available. The oven door, Slide&Hide®, disappears and glides away smoothly when needed. No more awkward reaching to check on your food. The door slides under effortlessly, making it perfect for compact kitchens and busy cooks. The rotating handle makes closing the door easy, without having to change your hand position. Want to bake on multiple levels? No problem with CircoTherm® - the heat is evenly distributed throughout the oven, allowing you to use up to four levels at once. And cleaning up after a big meal is a breeze with Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning and Easy Clean. Just turn on the function and let the heat and water do the work for you. For a quick clean-up in between, use Easy Clean with water and a drop of liquid detergent.  

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  • Sale -25%Last stock! Neff B57VS26N0B

    Neff Neff B57VS26N0B

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     1 Only Display Model Available The convenient Slide&Hide® door on our oven smoothly glides away, making basting and checking your food a breeze. No more awkward reaching for your casserole or potatoes. The door easily slides under the oven, perfect for compact kitchens and hands-on chefs. Simply pull up the rotating handle without changing your hand position to close it. With VarioSteam, you can achieve the perfect balance between crispy and tender. Steam is released into the oven through ducts in the back plate, adding moisture when needed. Use the preset programs for flawless results every time. Take the stress out of hosting and let our Multipoint Meatprobe help you create juicy and tender meats. Simply insert the probe, choose the oven mode and temperature, set your roast's target temperature, and relax. Three gauges measure the temperature of your turkey, and once it reaches the target, the oven stops heating. Enjoy a perfectly cooked feast every time.  

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  • Sale -25% SDD2LEMTC-1200 - Newtons Home Appliances

    Neff T68TS61N0

    [short]80cm Extended FlexInduction cooktop [/short] [full] Product Description 4 induction zones, 2 FlexInduction zones with 2 usage possibilities plus Extended FlexIndustion Zone, PotBoost on all zones, fryingSensor, TwistPadFire control, black ceramic glass, stainless steel trim Key specification FINISH INDUCTION NUMBER OF ZONES 5 LAYOUT WELL SPREAD OUT WITH 3 FLEXI ZONES SPECIAL FEATURES TWISTPAD FIRE CONTROL OVERALL DIMENSIONS 826mmW x 546mmD CUTOUT DIMENSIONS 750-780+2mmW x 490-500+2mmD x 51mmH Features 80 cm width PotBoost function for all cooking zones PanBoost PowerMove FryingSensor with 5 temperature settings 17 power levels for each cooking zone Residual heat indicator: Digital 2-step LED display and timer with auto switch off for all cooking zones Automatic safety switch-off Child safety lock Cooking zones 2 Flex zones + auxiliary zone 2 extended FlexInduction zones 1 x Ø 380 mmx230 mm, 3.3 KW (max. Power level 3.7 KW) Induction or 2 x Ø 190 mm, 2.2 KW (max. Power level 3.7 KW) Induction; 1 x Ø 380 mmx230 mm, 3.3 KW (max. Power level 3.7 KW) Induction or 2 x Ø 190 mm, 2.2 KW (max. Power level 3.7 KW) Induction 2 x FlexInduction with 2 Use options: 2 Individual-Induction-Cooking Zones with 230 mm surfaces or one flexible Induction-Cooking zone with 1 x Ø 380 mmx230 mm surface Technical Information Installation measurements 750 mmx490 mm Length wire connection 110 cm Min. worktop thickness 30 mm 7.4 kW total connected load Cable included [/full]


  • Sale -25%Last stock! Neff N90 Built-In Oven with Steam

    Neff Neff N90 Built-In Oven with Steam

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      1 Only Display Model Available The Slide&Hide® door of our Neff N90 Built-In Oven with Steam seamlessly disappears under the oven, allowing you to focus on the joy of cooking and tasting your dishes. No more awkward reaching or struggling to check on your dishes. This space-saving door effortlessly glides under the oven, making it perfect for compact kitchens and hands-on cooks. The convenient rotating handle can be pulled up without changing your hand position to effortlessly close the door. Say goodbye to guesswork with our Baking and Roasting Assistant and Automatic Programs. With just a touch, the oven suggests the ideal cooking time, temperature, and mode for your dishes. And with Home Connect, you can control your wifi-enabled appliances from anywhere, freeing up time to enjoy moments with your loved ones. Elevate your cooking experience with our Neff N90 Built-In Oven, because every moment counts. Discover new flavors with our FullSteam function and prepare vacuum-sealed dishes using the sous-vide method.  

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