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Finance Options

We offer a range of finance options from HSBC, Humm and Zip Pay      


    • Interest-free* is available here over a variety of payment terms and on any of our Sale Items providing you meet the minimum purchase value to qualify. 
    • HSBC, Humm and Zip all have Interest free options available .
    • Humm and Zip both cater for those small immediate purchase needs with easy payment plans.
    • No you don't need to pay full retail price.


How does interest-free* work?

Interest-free* means you will not pay any interest on the promotional purchase you made with Newtons Home Appliances during the promotional period. You will be required to pay the minimum monthly repayments as you would with any standard credit card purchase. Other transactions made with your credit card will incur interest charges. Upon expiry of your interest free* period, any remaining balance will revert back to a variable cash advance rate of 25.99% p.a.

What does  after pay mean?

As well as having the advantage of not being charged any interest on your purchase, you get to take it home immediately.  ‘Buy now, Pay later’ offers you flexibility with your purchases.

Can I make other purchases with my card?

Yes, you can use your card to make additional purchases in-store up to your available credit limit. Simply bring your HSBC Visa card, Humm or Zip Account details and let one of our friendly staff help you from there.


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