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Asko OP8637S Pyrolytic Built-In Oven

ASKO OP8637S Pyrolytic Oven

Pyrolytic ovens are becoming increasingly well known in Australian kitchens. As design and décor ethics have evolved, so have appliances that take advantage of cutting-edge technology to dramatically increase cooking options. The pyrolytic (heat) cleaning feature is a drawcard for consumers searching for convenience, and there are lots more reasons an ASKO OP8637S Pyrolytic Oven ticks the right boxes. High quality appliances in the mid-price range are rare, but the popularity of ASKO ovens means the full spectrum of appliance choices are available at the right price.

What are some wall oven advantages?

All cultures have evolved to include cooking and food preparation options. Most globalised societies have become accustomed to the convenience of electricity and gas, with ovens and cooktops manufactured for international distribution. The choice between freestanding and built-in ovens is greater than ever, and personal style preferences should help decision making, but there are some wall oven advantages worth considering.

  • Built-in wall ovens are suited for electricity or gas
  • The option to mix and match the oven and cooktop for personalised kitchen design
  • Seamless addition of an extra oven, microwave, warming drawer or other appliance
  • Place the oven at eye level for easy viewing away from small children
  • The cooktop and wok burner don’t need to be directly above the oven
  • Seamless kitchen integration for easy cleaning

Construction & Performance

  • XL cavity
  • Hot air convection
  • Grill
  • Large grill
  • Temperature range (°C): 30-275

Use & Flexibility

  • Usable oven volume: 71 l
  • Oven guides: 1 Level fully extendable telescopic guides with lock
  • Baking levels: 5
  • Number of trays and grids: 5
  • Shallow tray
  • Deep tray
  • Grill rack premium
  • Number of interior lights: 2

Interaction & Control

  • Digital display
  • Full colour display
  • Number of dials: 2
  • Multifunctional timer
  • Tailored programs and archieve