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  • Sale -50% La Germania 60cm Flex Induction Cooktop

    La Germaina La Germania 60cm Flex Induction Cooktop

    The Futura Series 60cm induction hob features four induction zones including 1 bridge zone. Choose from 10 power levels with boosters on all zones for even faster cooking. Touch controls make it intuitive to use and even easier to keep clean. Introducing the Futura Series 60cm induction hob - offering four induction zones, including a bridge zone, to suit all your cooking needs. With 10 power levels and boosters on all zones, you'll have the power to cook faster than ever before! And with user-friendly touch controls, keeping your hob clean is easier than ever.


  • Sale -26% SDD2LEMTC-1200 - Newtons Home Appliances

    Smeg Smeg 60cm Induction Cooktop

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      Activate the Turbo boost feature when you need maximum cooking power, or use the Child lock to prevent accidental changes to the cooking settings. With ECO-logic, you can limit the power usage for energy conservation, and the Overheat protection will automatically shut off the cooktop if it overheats. Keep track of cooking time with Time elapsed or set the built-in Timer to end your cooking at a designated time. (Disclaimer: No, it won't do the cooking for you!)  

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  • SDD2LEMTC-1200 - Newtons Home Appliances

    AEG AEG 60 cm 3 Zone Induction Cooktop

    Clearance modelThe AEG 60cm 3 Zone Induction Cooktop with ProCook and Flexibridge is a versatile and innovative appliance that delivers exceptional cooking performance.Main FeaturesThe cooktop features three induction zones, including a large Flexibridge zone that can be combined into a single cooking surface to accommodate larger pots and pans. With ProCook technology, the cooktop can detect the size and shape of the cookware and automatically adjusts the heat to ensure even and precise cooking.The touch controls are intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to adjust the temperature and cooking settings with ease. The cooktop also features a boost function, which provides an intense burst of heat for faster cooking times.Safety is a top priority with the AEG induction cooktop, with residual heat indicators and child safety locks to prevent accidental operation. With its sleek black glass finish and stylish design, the AEG 60cm 3 Zone Induction Cooktop with ProCook and Flexibridge is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen.


  • Sale -12% SDD2LEMTC-1200 - Newtons Home Appliances

    Asko Asko HI1655G Induction Cooktop

    60cm bridge induction cooktop - cook with ease and perfect control! 4 cooking zones & 2 bridge zones offer flexible pot dimensions, while 6 auto cooking programs get the right temperature for perfect results. Auto pan detection & high powered zones let you cook efficiently, while individual timers ensure things never burn.


  • Sale -46%Last stock! SDD2LEMTC-1200 - Newtons Home Appliances

    AEG AEG 60cm Induction Cooktop

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    Easy to use and control, this 4 Zone Cooktop from AEG offers the latest in technology. Boasting SenseFry, which maintains even heat to give you perfectly fried food every time, this cooktop also features FlexiBridge to extend your cooktop for bigger pans. Connect to your compatible rangehood wit Hob2Hob functionality for a seamless cooking experience, while the full colour touchscreen controls make it easy to adjust heat and set a timer

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  • Sale -39% SDD2LEMTC-1200 - Newtons Home Appliances

    Asko Asko HI1995G Induction Cooktop

    This powerful induction cooktop boasts Multi Touch™ intuitive controls for superior control, plus 6 tailor-made programs to guarantee perfect cooking results. Boil, Simmer, Keep warm, Wok, Fry, and Grill—all options are available with this sleek tempered glass cooktop. Installation is built-in and the range is premium. Enjoy high-quality cooking with its stunning pearl black finish.


  • Sale -11% SDD2LEMTC-1200 - Newtons Home Appliances

    Asko Asko HI1975G Induction Cooktop

    This incredible 90cm Bridge Induction Cooktop covers all your cooking needs, with 5 cooking zones and 2 bridge zones for flexible pot sizes, up to 260 mm in diameter! Boasting 5.5kw Dual Zone and 6 pre-programmed Auto Cooking settings, you can cook with the perfect temperature and consistency every time. Plus, the Auto Pan Detection, High Powered zones and Individual Timers make this an unbeatable choice!


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