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HIG1944MD Dual Fuel Cooktop
HIG1944MD Dual Fuel Cooktop

HIG1944MD Dual Fuel Cooktop

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Triple gas ports for perfect control of simmer flame, outer flame and wok

ASKO HIG1944MD Gas Induction Cooktop

Appliance development at ASKO is inspired by progressive technology and the best of traditional, enduring styles. Naturally, the combination of induction and gas cooking offered potential, realised in the ASKO HIG1944MD Gas Induction Cooktop, incorporating inspiring science and immediately recognisable wok burner traditions side-by-side. Consumers who might otherwise pass by unfamiliar appliances are stopping to take notice, and the ASKO HIG1944MD Cooktop is becoming a familiar sight in Australian homes.

Why choose the HIG1944MD Cooktop?

Australian household dynamics have changed a lot during the past few decades, however, families still appreciate quality food and nutrition. It’s no secret that tasty home cooked meals are healthiest, most sustaining and enjoyable, and ASKO developers are always ready to respond to change. Gas has long been favoured by home cooks and commercial chefs, while everyone is noticing the introduction of induction appliances into contemporary homes. It was only a matter of time before the power and speed of gas and induction were combined, with the ASKO HIG1944MD already becoming a very popular addition to modern kitchens around Australia. Here are a few HIG1944MD Cooktop features worth considering:

Fusion Volcano wok burner with powerful targeted flame Matt black, scratch resistant surface for seamless benchtop integration High definition touch-screen control panel with multifunctional operation Induction bridging to join zones fo accommodating larger cooking vessels Auto program functions for accurate heating and cooking Safety features including flame failure protection and cook-time limiter


  • Surface material: Black ceramic glass
  • Anodised frame
  • Wok burner easy switchable


  • Six Induction Auto programmes
  • Precise gas burner regulation
  • Fusion Volcano wok burner
  • High powered induction zones
  • Triple gas ports for perfect control of simmer flame, outer flame and wok
  • Extra support for wok pots
  • Bridge zones
  • Auto pan detection
  • Pause function
  • Individual timers: Five individual timers
  • Individual digital timers
  • 12 Power levels and boost