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    Asko HIG1944MD Dual Fuel Cooktop

    Discover why the ASKO HIG1944MD Gas Induction Cooktop is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Combining progressive technology with timeless traditional designs, the HIG1944MD offers gas and induction cooking potential for the best of both worlds. Australian homes are embracing this innovative appliance and discovering its impressive features. Be inspired by the Fusion Volcano wok burner, matt black scratch resistant surface, high definition touch-screen control panel and more. Plus, get the reassurance of flame failure protection and cook-time limiters for safety. Enjoy delicious, nutritious home cooked meals with ease and know ASKO is always ready to respond to changing household dynamics. Don't miss out — the HIG1944MD Gas Induction Cooktop has it all!


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    Asko HI1994M Induction Cooktop

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    Cook divinely with the HI1994M Induction Cooktop. This sleek and powerful cooktop features brushed matt black glass and Easy Dial™ intuitive controls for precise heat regulation. Enjoy 6 automatic programs including Boil, Simmer, Keep Warm, Wok, Fry, and Grill for perfect cooking results every time. Its glassceramic material ensures durability, while its soft black colour adds a sophisticated touch. Upgrade your kitchen with this induction cooktop.

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    Asko Asko HI1995G Induction Cooktop

    This powerful induction cooktop boasts Multi Touch™ intuitive controls for superior control, plus 6 tailor-made programs to guarantee perfect cooking results. Boil, Simmer, Keep warm, Wok, Fry, and Grill—all options are available with this sleek tempered glass cooktop. Installation is built-in and the range is premium. Enjoy high-quality cooking with its stunning pearl black finish.


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    Asko OCM8478G Combi Microwave

    Enjoy traditional oven heating and the convenience of microwave technology in one stylish package. With 120 automatic programs, you can create perfect results in a fraction of the time. Featuring a pearl black glass design and a 4.3” color touch display, this combi microwave oven offers endless cooking options. Plus, it’s easily installed as a built-in range.


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    Asko Asko HG1935AD Gas Cooktop

    Cook up a storm with the Asko HG1935AD Gas Cooktop. Its four A+ Burners™ and one Fusion Volcano Wok Burner™ provide precise heat control, while its stepless and instant power regulation ensures consistent results. With its sleek, pearl black design, this built-in cooker will look great in any kitchen. Enjoy cooking with confidence.


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    Asko ASKO Craft Combi Steam Oven

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    Hurry! Only 2 left! The OCS8487A combi steam oven is the ultimate kitchen addition. Its graphite black finish and 6.1" TFT colour display give a modern, stylish look, while offering endless cooking possibilities. Select from 160 automatic programs for perfect results, or use its unique steam and hot air combination to elevate flavors. With 50 l oven capacity and fully extendable telescopic guides, make the most of your cooking with the OCS8487A!

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    Asko OCS8487S

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    Dreams of opulent kitchens were often dashed for those with smaller dwellings, leaving fast food as the only mealtime option. As property values pushed first home buyers towards multi-unit and city living, a need became clear and ASKO OCS8487S Craft Oven stepped in to fill it. Hot summer days found people retreating from the kitchen, but the OCS8487S helps alleviate the oppressive heat with innovative features like ultra-cool oven door, three oven door glasses, and touch proofed stainless steel. Plus, the steam and fan cooking mode ensure family meals that are moist and juicy, even in the smallest of kitchens.

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    Asko OCM8487B

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    Accelerate your cooking experience with the Craft OCM8487A combi microwave oven. Featuring a 6.1 inch TFT colour display, 120 automatic programs and an oven volume of 50l, this soft black built-in oven provides a vast range of cooking options while combining traditional oven heating and microwave technology. Enjoy perfect results, every time with endless cooking opportunities.

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    Asko Asko HI1655G Induction Cooktop

    60cm bridge induction cooktop - cook with ease and perfect control! 4 cooking zones & 2 bridge zones offer flexible pot dimensions, while 6 auto cooking programs get the right temperature for perfect results. Auto pan detection & high powered zones let you cook efficiently, while individual timers ensure things never burn.


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    Asko OP8687A/B

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    Get ready to snag a steal on our clearance sale! The OP8687A Craft Pyrolytic Self Clean™ oven is your ultimate home helper - a slick graphite black design takes the headache out of cleaning. Kiss grease and oil goodbye with a quick pyrolytic function and simple wipe down of the ash. With an all-in-one 6.1” TFT display and 82 automatic programs, whipping up culinary creations is a breeze from the convenience of your built-in oven. Standard telescopic guides and a spacious 71-litre capacity make mealtime a piece of cake.

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    Asko HG1776AD Gas Cooktop

    This HG1776AD Gas Cooktop from ASKO is a stylish, responsive and easy-to-use dream for home chefs. It features 75cm of cooking power, including the Fusion Volcano Wok Burner which distributes heat specifically around the pan. The graphite-black, hard enamel finish is eye-catching and inventive and with easy-clean components plus burners tailored for various cooking methods, the cooktop promises maximum energy efficiency. Experience restaurant-quality perfection with ASKO! And with gas being a clean, affordable cooking option, it also doesn't affect air quality and is typically cheaper to run compared to electric. Not to mention, ASKO's design principles guarantee maximum gas conservation while still producing heat. The cooktop's surface material is also matt black enameled coating and it offers extra support for wok pots. Plus, you can even swap out LPG and natural gas with the included conversion set!


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    Asko W2084C.W 8kg Washing Machine

    Elevate your laundry game with the Askos 8kg Front Load Washing Machine. Designed for larger households, this quiet and efficient machine offers a range of 15 programs including Normal, Wool/hand wash, Quick, and Dark Wash. Save energy and water with the Green Mode and reduce ironing time with Anti-Crease. Keep your machine running smoothly with the Drum Cleaning Program. Simple operation with an LCD display and control knob. Highly-efficient with 4.5-Star Energy and WELS ratings. Say goodbye to laundry struggles! Note: ASKO Stock ETA Mid-June


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