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    AEG LF8C1612A 8000 Series 10kg Washing Machine Clearance Line

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    The 10 kg washing machine with OKO Mix technology, Pro Sense, Wool mark Green accredited, Pro Steam and 1600 rpm spin speed. 600 w x 630 d x 850 h(mm) Every fibre cleaned and protected Advanced OKO Mix technology blends detergents and then softeners with water before they enter the drum. This ensures that every fibre is cleaned and cared for with the right mix of detergent, even for shorter cycles. Every thread, every stitch, every fibre, expertly protected. Caring for clothes, saving water and energy Pro Sense technology intelligent sensors optimises and displays the estimated wash time within 30 seconds of starting the wash cycle. Whether it is a few shirts or your entire weekly laundry, the wash time, water and energy consumption adjust to ensure they are only washed for the exact amount of time required. This ensures that fabrics suffer less wear and tear, maintaining colour and texture. Keeps your clothes looking and feeling impeccable The steam refresh program enables you to refresh your garments without washing with detergent and water. This ensures less wear and tear on fibres so they can maintain their look and textures for longer. The gentlest possible way to care for wool The Woolmark Green certification in washing will treat each item in the gentlest possible manner, meaning you can safely wash all of your hand wash only woollen garments. PRODUCT PROFILE Domestic warranty details (yrs) 3 DIMENSIONS Depth with hoses (mm) 660 ENERGY FOR WASHING Energy Consumption Warm (KWhr/yr) 214 Water efficiency star rating 4.5 Water consumption (litres) 84 Noise level dBA 47 WASH PROGRAMS Number of Programs 10 Wash options wash temperatures,pre wash,spin selection,Stain,Time save,Extra Rinse,Delay Start,rinse,Eco,drain & spin,Extra silent,Plus Steam,Soft Plus Dispenser fabric conditioner dispenser,pre-wash dispenser,Powder or liquid detergent dispenser,Stain remover dispenser Wash and Dry Programs N/A Wash and Dry options N/A DOOR Reversible No Door Colour Silver door lock Yes CABINET Cabinet Colour white Cabinet material painted galvanized steel [/full]

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    AEG AEG 60 cm Induction Cooktop

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    Clearance Line- Limited stockAutoMax Our AutoMax cooking function provides fantastic automatic zone control. After you have selected the AutoMax function, it will bring the zone up to the boil and will then reduce it to your pre-selected power level for the remainder of the cooking time.Perfect Control Gives you instant access to your cooktops and immediate control to select the precise level you need, all at the touch of a finger.

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    AEG AEG Semi-Integrated Dishwasher Clerance Line

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    60cm semi-integrated dishwasher with 9 wash programs, stainless steel control panel, MaxiFlex cutlery drawer, SprayZone and ProClean™ satellite spray arm to deliver a perfect wash result, regardless of your load. Number of Programs 9 - Quick 30 min, Extra Silent, Regular 90 min, AUTO Sense, Machine Care, Light 60 min, Heavy 160 min, ECO 180 min, rinse and hold Wash option Delay start (1-24 hours), SprayZone, GlassCare, ExtraPower Range of temperatures 4 Other Features Auto Off, MaxiFlex cutlery drawer Water safety system aqua control Dispenser detergent, rinse aid

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  • Sale -15% AEG 60cm built-under stainless dishwasher

    AEG AEG 60cm built-under stainless dishwasher

    The MaxiFlex drawer has the capacity to accommodate utensils of all shapes and sizes. With SprayZone function, no matter how tough the stain, you can easily remove them with high water pressure. ProClean powerful, double rotating satellite spray arm ensures all corners are reached, making your dishwashing experience effortless. Dare to use every kitchen tool - with MaxiFlex, cleaning is easy!




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    SENSECOOK. JUST SENSATIONAL. Introducing SenseCook, an oven that can understand your culinary needs and speaks your language. Select the food you'd like cooked, insert the Food Sensor and your oven takes command. The SteamBake button adds steam at the beginning of the baking process for golden colour and delicious crusts. Enjoy tender joints of meat, molten chocolate fondants, crispy breads, perfect roast chicken and more! Dare to be creative and experience just sensational cooking!

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  • Sale -15% 60cm Full Steam Oven - AEG Appliances

    AEG AEG 60cm Steam Pro Oven

      AEG's SteamPro full steam oven with automatic Steamify® function, Command Wheel control for ease of use, steam cleaning functions to keep the inside sparkling, humidity sensor for perfect moisture control, SousVide and food temperature sensors to help you become a Rock Star in the Kitchen.   OptiFlex™ telescopic runners to make access to your food easy SENSECOOK takes the guess work out of cooking, Rare, Medium or Well done at your command with SenseCook. Select how you would like your food cooked, insert the Food Sensor, and your oven will do the rest. 


  • Sale -15% AEG 60cm SenseCook Pyroluxe

    AEG AEG 60cm SenseCook Pyroluxe

    Unlock your inner chef with the EXCITE+ TFT Display oven! Enjoy complete control of your cooking process with the simple, intuitive Command Wheel. Get precise and exact results with just a touch - your current settings are displayed on EXCITE+ TFT Display for easy monitoring. Plus, take advantage of the ovens assisted cooking feature - just select a food category and let the oven do the rest! Cook with confidence and perfection every time!


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    AEG AEG 90CM Gas Cooktop Clearance Line

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    90cm 5 burner gas cooktop with recessed burners, 22MJ dual valve wok, cast iron trivets, and automatic ignition. Controls of Cooktops knob Position of controls front Features of Cooktop flame failure, optional LP, wok stand, High powered wok burner, Cast iron trivets, Dual Valve Flame Control

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    AEG AEG 60cm Built-In Oven Clearance Line

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    AEG Multi Function Oven with Pyroluxe Cleaning 9 Cooking functions to cater for all cooking styles Make cleaning a breeze, a simple wipe out with a damp cloth once Pyroluxe has done it's thing. Surround Cook ensures an even distribution of heat for perfect results time after time.  

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    AEG AEG Steam Bake Oven Clearance Line

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    With revolutionary features like SenseCook food sensor, OptiFlex telescopic runners, and MaxiView enlarged window, the AEG 600mm SteamBake Multi-Function 8 Stainless Steel Oven is the ideal companion for the keen home cook. Fitted with rotary knobs, it lets you adjust heat settings and other controls from a streamlined interface. ADD STEAM FOR CRISPIER RESULTS The SteamBake button in this oven adds steam at the beginning of the baking process. The steam cooking keeps the dough moist on the surface to create a golden colour and tasty crust, while the centre stays soft and tender. CLOSE WITH A WHISPER Soft Closing hinges ensure smooth and virtually silent door closure, for a premium feeling time after time.

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    AEG AEG 8000 Series 8kg SensiDry Heat Pump Dryer Clearance Line

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    The AEG 8000 Series 8kg SensiDry Heat Pump Dryer is a highly efficient and intelligent dryer that incorporates advanced features and technologies to provide optimal drying results. Its SensiDry technology detects the level of moisture in the clothes and adjusts the drying time accordingly, preventing over-drying and protecting the clothes from damage. The dryer also uses heat pump technology to save energy and reduce running costs. With an 8kg capacity and a range of drying programs, including cotton, wool, and delicate fabrics, this dryer is versatile and suitable for all kinds of laundry. The ProSense technology ensures that the dryer stops when the clothes are dry, preventing over-drying and saving energy. The dryer also features a reversible door and an intuitive touch control panel for easy operation.

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    AEG AEG 8kg 8000 Series Heat Pump Dryer T8DHE842B Clearance Line

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    Key Features ProSense auto sensing Provides a gentle way to dry wool OKOFlow single filter system ProTex Soft Drum Silk Program Outdoor Program Full reversible door for user convenience Auto Off function Inverter motor for efficiency Key Specifications Height (mm) 850 mm Depth (mm) 630 mm Width (mm) 600 mm Finish Colour White Warranty 3 Years [/full]

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