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    Smeg Retro Kettle

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      Harness the power of 2400 WATT ELEMENT to quickly and quietly bring water to a boil. Enjoy 7 adjustable temperature levels from 50˚C to 100˚C for optimal tea brewing. Keep warm function maintains the selected temperature for up to 20 minutes. Installation is simple thanks to the 360 swivel base, suitable for left or right-hand operation. Boil-dry safety switch-off and an easily removable and washable stainless steel limescale filter provide ultimate safety and convenience.  

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    Smeg Variable Temp Kettle

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    2400 WATT ELEMENT Brings water to the boil quickly and quietly. 7 TEMPERATURE LEVELS 50˚C, 60˚C, 70˚C (green and white tea), 80˚C (oolong), 90˚C (chamomile), 95˚C (plunger coffee) and 100˚C (black or herbal tea). KEEP WARM FUNCTION Allows temperature to be maintained at the selected temperature for up to 20 minutes. 360 SWIVEL BASE Allows easy placement in the kitchen, and right or left-hand operation. SAFETY Boil-dry safety switch-off. LIMESCALE FILTER Easily removable and washable stainless steel limescale filter.

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    Smeg SMEG 50'S Retro Toasters

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      Smeg is known worldwide for creating top-notch design products, and our major and minor household appliances have been recognized by many prestigious design accolades. Make your kitchen more vibrant and playful with one of our 50's Retro Appliances. Smeg toasters have been honored with multiple global accolades.  

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    Smeg Bench Top Blender

      Choose from 3 pre-set programs for frappes, granita, slushies, and more! Enjoy dense and creamy textures with its automatic variable speed blender. Pulse at Speeds 1-3 for an extra boost when needed. Safety auto-switch means no worry about mis-fittings or inadvertent removal. Non-drip Tritan™ jug is lightweight, dishwasher-safe, and super-strong.  


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    Smeg Hand Blender HBF02BLAU & Food Processor Attachment HBFPO1

    Discover Smeg's ultimate kitchen essential: the 1.5L food processor attachment for the award-winning hand blender! With over 70 years of exquisite cooking heritage, Smeg has created an appliance that makes preparing food for your family a breeze. Boasting innovative technology and classic design, this food processor is multifunctional and efficient, providing precise whizzing capabilities that make meal preparation a stylish experience.


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    Smeg Deluxe Stand Mixer

      QUIET PERFORMANCE Smeg's stand mixer mixes your ingredients quietly, even at full power, so your cooking experience will be enjoyable. MAXIMUM POWER & TORQUE 800 watts of power and peak torque makes mixing heavy doughs a breeze, so there's no straining the motor or risk of it cutting out. You'll get mixtures quickly and easily. ADJUSTABLE SPEED CONTROL 10 settings allow for the most versatility in any application. Convenient top-mounted control panel with symbols for quick references. GENTLE START Upstart technology ensures ingredients don't escape the bowl, resulting in better mixing and a cleaner work area. FRONT ACCESSORY PORT Accessorize your stand mixer with a variety of add-ons via the front port for ultimate preparation convenience.  

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    Smeg Retro 2 Slice Toaster

    It's back to the 50's with this funky Smeg Retro Range of appliances.The Smeg toaster combines ergonomics, functionallity and style.If it's breakfast, lunch or a cheeky snack, you'll fall in love with your new SMEG 50's Style toaster every time you use it.It's not just about the look, these things are amazing in more ways than one.Not only will they bring your kitchen alive with their fantastic range of colours, you will also enjoy how simple they are to use and the great results you get every time.3 PRE-SET PROGRAMS REHEAT – bring toast back to temperature, or continue toasting for a browner result and the same result every time.DEFROST – gently brings bread back to room temperature . BAGEL – browns one side of the bread without toasting the other. 2 LARGE COMPARTMENTS Wide slots to accommodate hand-cut bread, with self centering racks for even toasting.BACKLIT KNOB Stylish control knob with LED lighting.CRUMB TRAY Easy-clean, stainless steel removable crumb tray.This is just part of Smeg's Range of 50's Retro Style Appliances.


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    Smeg Smeg Hand Blender

    Powerful 700W motor enables fast and easy blending of a variety of foods as well as exceptional blending, pureeing, emulsifying, chopping, mashing and whisking. FLOWBLEND SYSTEM Combination of single multi-purpose stainless steel blade with unique dome shape casing with ingenious curved cutouts to prevent suction and ensure all ingredients are drawn to the blade for efficient, even blending. FAST AND VERSATILE A wide variety of food preparation tasks can be completed quickly and easily utilising the Flowblend system, and chopper, whisk and mash attachments. VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL WITH TURBO Top mounted adjustable speed control which the user dials up to down to smoothly increase or decrease between the four speeds. Activate turbo for additional power when required. INNOVATIVE DESIGN Ergonomic handle with non-slip grip and dial speed control. Add, remove and change attachments with ease. Clever and convenient features include interchangeable chopper non-slip base and storage lid.


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    Smeg Stand Mixer

    QUIET OPERATION Even at full power, Smeg’s stand mixer quietly mixes your ingredients. Resulting in a more enjoyable cooking experience. POWER & TORQUE 800 watts of power with optimum torque for mixing of heavy doughs. With more power there is less strain on the motor which means it doesn’t cut out or overheat. The Smeg stand mixer can make mixtures quickly and efficiently. VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL 10 settings guarantees the greatest versatility for all applications. Top mount control for left or right handed use. Quick guide symbols indicate correct speed for accessory in use. SMOOTH START Automatic smooth start prevents ingredients from spilling out of the bowl. Results in more effective mixing and ensures a cleaner work area around the mixer. FRONT ACCESSORY PORT Smeg offers a wide range of accessories for operation via the front port – offering the ultimate in versatility for all your preparation needs.  


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