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    Qasair Undermount

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    The Qasair Undermounted Rangehood fits neatly into a standard 300mm cabinet and is one of the most popular units in the range. The NDCH can be concealed discreetly behind joinery for a streamlined, unbroken finish.

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    Qasair Lismore

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    The Lismore ( formerly known as Universal - UV ) is one of our top selling rangehoods. The unit is 430mm deep which is deeper than the standard undermount rangehood allowing for greater coverage of the cooking area and capture of all of the odorous by-products of cooking. The LIS comes in single, twin and triple motor as standards and will fit into a deeper cabinet.

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    Qasair Statesman

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    The timeless Statesman is one of our most popular wall mounted rangehoods. Featuring clean, contemporary lines and superior efficacy, the Statesman will complement any modern kitchen.

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    Qasair Heritage 900H

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    The Heritage Rangehoods are timeless traditional canopies. They are made to be wall mounted and available different sizes to suit cooking appliances underneath. The Heritage Rangehoods come with a stainless steel flue, which is available in several standard sizes. Longer flues and made to measure sized flues can also be manufactured as a custom flue order. Recommended installation heights above the cooktop is between 700-800mm. Flue size = Floor to ceiling height minus bench height minus install height minus rangehood body.  As a general rule, use the closest size rounding up. Standard Flue Sizes available:  600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

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  • SDD2LEMTC-1200 - Newtons Home Appliances

    AEG AEG 54cm Under Cupboard Rangehood DGE5660HM

    [short] Our cooking environments need to be fresh, bright and peaceful, enriching the time that we spend there. We use advanced technology to ensure that the design and build of our rangehoods give you the optimum combination of high-end design and powerful functionality. [/short] [full] Overview Higher speed air extraction is created by drawing the same volume of air through a smaller vent. Same volume, faster velocity. 730cm/h extraction speed vs 690cm/h. The fan provides effective clearing of all vapours and smoke generated during cooking through an efficient filtration system. The stainless steel mesh filter is easily cleaned in a standard dishwasher cycle . The rangehood comes with a remote control. Energy efficient and gives excellent visibility on the cooking process. The rangehood has a filter saturation sensor that will illuminate the light on the control panel to inform the user when cleaning is recommended. [/full]


  • SDD2LEMTC-1200 - Newtons Home Appliances

    Falmec Modena

    [short] FALMEC 120CM MODENA OUTDOOR BBQ CANOPY RANGEHOOD - EXTERNAL MOTOR - F5ME12S1 [/short] [full] Specifications FEATURES SIZE: 120CM TYPE: OUTDOOR CANOPY RANGEHOOD FINISH: STAINLESS STEEL EXTRACTION: 2010m3/h DIMENSIONS: 1200mmW x 800mmD x 1257mmH Filters: Baffle filters x 6 Lighting: LED Strip Light 24W (5500 K) Scotch brite stainless steel (AISI 304) LED lighting Perimeter extraction Premium baffle filters - removable and washable Remote control Touch sensor controls [/full]


  • SDD2LEMTC-1200 - Newtons Home Appliances

    Asko CC4525S 52cm concealed

    The CC4525S 52cm Concealed Rangehood is designed for a modern kitchen. It's equipped with a quiet and durable brushless motor and dishwasher proof stainless steel filters, allowing for a generous air extraction capacity of 680 m³/h. Its hidden filter area gives off an impressive aesthetic, while its dimmable light and Clean Air function provide a perfect working or dinner light while improving indoor air quality. With effortless integration into your kitchen cabinet, the CC4525S makes for an ideal kitchen companion.


  • SDD2LEMTC-1200 - Newtons Home Appliances

    La Germania K90TUKXA

    90 cm Canopy Hood K90TUKXA / Futura This wide Futura hood offers a sleek contemporary style with steel-encased glass and metal knob controls. It has aluminum filters and an efficient yet quiet motor with high performance extraction. It can be installed for recirculating or ducting extraction purposes. Products and packaging are 99% recyclable Bertazzoni Green .


  • SDD2LEMTC-1200 - Newtons Home Appliances


    Falcon rangehoods play a very important role in the kitchen, particularly for those who use their cooktop regularly. It can even assist when cooking in ovens such as the Falcon upright range cookers that vent at the top rear of the hob. With a maximum ducted extraction of 880 (m3/hr) when intensive is selected, Falcon’s canopy rangehoods are extremely powerful and efficient at drawing moisture / steam away, and minimising excess odour, smoke and air borne grease build-up on surrounding cabinetry.


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    Smeg Hood Black Victoria 90cm

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    Introducing the Victoria 90cm Black Hood – a sleek, contemporary wall hood that takes care of pesky kitchen odors in style! With a glossy black finish, 3 speeds, a turbo setting, and an automatic switch-off, this hood is as functional as it is eye-catching. Cook away, and kiss odors goodbye!

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